Success Story

Senior Corps Volunteers Make a Difference

“I love this program, the people and the children I get to spend time with.”

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Planting the Seeds to Grow a New Home

"I just chanced [upon] seeing a [New Entry] sign in downtown Lowell, I joined the program, and over many years, they helped with so many things,"

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Homeless Family Finds Stability and a Future

“With the help of Community Teamwork, I was able to secure a home and provide for my daughter a better opportunity in life. I appreciate all of Janice’s encouragement and guidance.”

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CTI Weatherization and Fuel Assistance Programs Keeps Seniors Warm

"We are so grateful for the help from Community Teamwork. Being able to stay warm in our homes is a godsend!"

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Lowell Family Builds Assets to Buy Home

“We never thought we would be able to do this but with the financial education and support of Community Teamwork and our peers, we did it.”

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Lowell Farmers’ Market Bolsters Family Farm Success

“Participating in the Lowell Farmers’ Market helps me close financial gaps at the end of the month. It also gives our farm exposure to the community, socially and economically.”

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