Our Board of Directors and Schedule of Board Meetings

Community Teamwork is governed by a twenty-four member Board of Directors.

Volunteer Board Committed to Accountability and Service

Pictured back row: Dennis Piendak, President; Bernadette Wheeler, Clerk; Bob Correnti; Marty Conway; Mickey Cockrell; Glenn Goldman; Marty Hogan; Dr. Leland Ackerson

Pictured front row: Lindsey Vincent; Marie Sweeney; Lynn Roderick, Assistant Treasurer; Germaine Vigeant-Trudel, Treasurer; Sheila Och, Vice President; Kate Cohen 

Not pictured: Patricia Doherty; Rodney Elliot; James B. Hogan; Sidney Liang; Rita Mercier; Atty. Linda Neary; Rita O’Brien Dee; Hannah Phan; Richard Reault; Jose Rodriguez; and Carleen Gavin, Director Emeritus

Community Teamwork is fortunate to be governed by 24 dedicated community members. The Community Teamwork Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the entire agency.  This role involves protection of the public interest, being a fiduciary, selecting the executive director and assessing his/ her performance, ensuring compliance with legal and tax requirements, and evaluating the organization’s work.

Low-Income Sector Has a Strong Voice

Community Teamwork’s Board of Directors reflects the shared mission of all of the approximately 1,000 Community Action Agencies across the country – board_chartto ensure that there is a clear connection between people with limited income and the power structure of our community.  This is accomplished through a tri-partite membership structure: at least one-third of the Board’s members represent the low-income community, another third local government and public officials, and another third the private sector such as business, labor, religious and cultural groups, educational entities and social service agencies.  Our board meets at our agency headquarters at 6:30pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except during July, August, and December.

Our Board Members as of February 26, 2020


Dennis E. Piendak, President
Sheila Och, Vice President
Germaine Vigeant-Trudel, Treasurer
Lynn Roderick, Assistant Treasurer
Bernadette Wheeler, Clerk

Catherine M. Maynard  – Director Emeritus

Carleen Gavin – Director Emeritus

Officers in bold  below ~ Elected October 30, 2019

Members three year terms ending 10/31/2020, 2021 or 2022 (except as noted*)

Low-income Representatives      11
City of Lowell
Cambodian Mutual Assistance Assn.  Sovanna Pouv 3/28/2018 10/31/2021
Centralville Neighborhood Action Group  Marty Hogan 5/23/18 10/31/2020
Lowell Community Health Center  Sheila Och, VICE-PRESIDENT   9/28/2005  10/31/2020
Lowell Housing Authority  Jose Rodriguez 12/04/2019 10/31/2022
MV Housing Partnership Germaine Vigeant-Trudel, TREASURER 5/25/2003 10/31/2020
Billerica Public Housing Patricia Doherty 12/2/2015 10/31/2021
Dracut – Catie’s Closet Mickey Cockrell 1/31/2015 10/31/2020
Tewksbury Council on Aging Rita O’Brien-Dee      10/25/1996 10/31/2020
Westford Council on Aging Lynn Roderick, ASST. TREASURER 5/24/2017 10/31/2020
CTI Programs
Head Start Policy Council Lyndsey Vincent 1/26/2019 10/31/2020**
Non-CTI Low-Income Programs
Northeast Legal Aid  Atty. Linda Neary Attorney David Brown  Resigned 12/4/19 4/27/2011 10/31/2020
Public Representatives         8
City of Lowell
Lowell City Council City Councilor Rodney Elliott 10/21/2014 12/31/2023*
Lowell City Council City Councilor Rita Mercier 1/1/2006 12/31/2023*
Lowell City Council (by Councilor Vesna Nuon) Sidney Liang 2/26/2020 12/31/2023*
Billerica (by BHA Commissioner J. O’Donnell) Bob Correnti 1/1/2008 12/31/2021*
Chelmsford-Westford (by State Rep Jim Arciero) Kate Cohen 9/26/2018 12/31/2020*
Dracut (by Selectperson Alison Hughes) Dennis Piendak, PRESIDENT 11/12/2013 10/31/2020*
Tewksbury (by Selectman Mark Kratman) Marie Sweeney  2/23/1992 10/31/2020*
Tyngsboro Selectman James Hogan 2/26/2020 10/31/2023*
Community Representatives     5
Former Head Start Parent Bernadette Wheeler, CLERK 11/12/2013 10/31/2020
GL Central Labor Council Marty Conway 2/22/2004 10/31/2020
Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank Glenn Goldman, PAST PRESIDENT 2/25/2006 10/31/2020
University of Mass Lowell Dr. Leland Ackerson, UML 10/28/2015 10/31/2021
Washington Savings Bank James Hogan 9/26/2012 10/31/2021
* Elected officials or designees may serve a 3 year term, but term may end if elected official is no longer in office.
** HS Policy Council member elected by PC annually in November.

Our Board Meeting Schedule 2020

With the exception of the Board Retreat/Board Meeting in January and the Annual Meeting in October – both held off-site, all regularly scheduled Board Meetings are held at

155 Merrimack Street, Marjoie McDermott Board Room, 2nd Floor, Lowell MA  01852

Meetings are called to order promptly at 6:30pm. Public is welcome.


Wednesday, February 26

Wednesday, March 25

Wednesday, April 29

Wednesday, May 27

Wednesday, June 24


Wednesday, September 30

Wednesday, October 28 (Annual Meeting – Location TBD)

Wednesday, December 2