Housing & Utilities Highlights

  • Safe, affordable housing is the base of a healthy life
  • A champion of housing security
  • Meeting emergency and planned housing needs
  • Keeping heat and lights on for those in need

Housing and Utility Supports
Fostering Strong Homes and Communities

The high cost of housing and utilities and the lack of affordable housing limit the opportunities for a happy and healthy life for many families and their children, senior citizens, veterans and disabled people living on limited and fixed incomes.

At Community Teamwork we work with people wherever they are on the continuum of need for housing security, from struggling to meet basic rental and utility expenses to facing homelessness and even to supporting people who are ready to achieve homeownership.  We also help build a more robust base of affordable housing units through partnerships with local cities and towns.

Our goal is to empower people to reach their full potential through safe, affordable and decent housing and related housing utility supports including fuel assistance and weatherization.

We know that affordable housing is foundational to the well-being of children and adults. A recent report from the national ChildWatch looked at 6,000 families with young children in Massachusetts. It showed that children whose families move two or more times in a year are 59% more likely to be hospitalized than children in housing-secure families and 52% more likely to be at risk for developmental delays. Furthermore, families who are behind on their rent are more likely to struggle to feed all members of the households adequately, to have utilities shut off, and to forgo needed health care. This and other studies confirm that the adults in housing-insecure households also suffer from serious stress and health related illnesses.


RESOURCE FROM DLISC ~ Digital Literacy and Inclusion Safety Council

Internet Assistance for Low Income Families ~This may help your students and employees keep connected during the coronavirus pandemic. It covers a comprehensive list of financial assistance and Internet Service programs for eligible families and individuals. It’s a helpful guide especially at this time when schools and businesses have shifted to working and learning from home in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Guide on Internet Assistance for Low Income Families https://www.inmyarea.com/resources/guide-internet-low-income-customers

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