Community Teamwork, Inc. (CTI) affirms its commitment to recognizing, deliberating, and challenging expressed biases against its employees and customers for any of the following reasons, including but not limited to:

• Age
• Ethnicity
• Color
• Disability
• Gender Identity
• Marital Status
• Military Status
• National Origin
• Race
• Religion
• Sex
• Sexual Orientation

CTI will engage and collaborate with our staff to challenge oppressive and unjust forces within the organization and within our community. The Board of Directors, Executive Team, and staff are unified in the responsibility to be an Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist organization.

Our mission is to be a “Catalyst for Social Change” and this starts by defending diversity and celebrating inclusion. We must promote social change and a spirit of well-being for our staff and all of the individuals and households we serve annually.

CTI cannot control what people think. However, we can dictate how our employees behave in particular circumstances. We understand that biased ideology is both conscious and unconscious, as well as a construct of systemic biases and social norms. That is why we recognize that not all biased expressions are intended to have a negative impact. Any individual found to engage in unlawful discrimination is subject to disciplinary action.

When staff express themselves or perform acts that are determined to be discriminatory, prejudiced, or unfair towards a peer or customer, that employee is not behaving in line with CTI values.
Anti-Biased is defined as expressing oneself in a manner that promotes equality, equity, and fairness and encourages ideas that oppose unlawful discriminatory behaviors.
Staff who are treating people as equals and provide peers and customers with equitable treatment that positions them to succeed are in line with CTI values and operating in an Anti-Bias manner.

As an Anti-Bias community, we must engage in conversations that take bravery, respect, and empathy, and that may not always be, or seek to be, comfortable. Yet, we are committed to creating “Brave Spaces” through recognizing, deliberating, and challenging issues of bias, diversity, and inclusion and the impacts on our staff, customers, and community.

We Adopted Pledge

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