black sheep craft ice cream

Black Sheep Craft Ice Cream

In the midst of uncertainty after the pandemic hit, Black Sheep Craft Ice Cream was born.

Zac Turgeon, a local resident and entrepreneur from Dracut, Massachusetts found solace and inspiration in an unexpected Christmas gift – an ice cream machine. When his previous career in office management did not show much promise, he decided to take the leap and turn his hobby into a business and seize the opportunity to bring a unique touch to the ice-cream scene in the Merrimack Valley.

From the very beginning, Zac has been a symbol of perseverance and drive. The desire to share his innovative ice-cream creations allowed him to stay consistent during the early days and fully test out flavors with friends and family members to ensure there was a demand for his distinct style in a region dominated by classic farm stand flavors, and low and behold there was a demand.

Black Sheep Craft Ice Cream’s departure from nostalgia sets them apart. Rather than clinging to the classics, Zac draws inspiration from the past while boldly exploring new flavors such as Pumpkin Spice Latte, Oat Cereal with Rainbow Marshmallows, and Basil with white chocolate shards mixed in. Zac believes that not every flavor needs to be universally loved; it just needs to be someone’s favorite. This philosophy guides him as he aims to use ice cream as a medium for expression and with this, every two weeks Zac creates new flavor combinations.

Like most small businesses, Black Sheep Craft Ice Cream faced financial hurdles due to the pandemic’s impact and obtaining funding proved challenging. That is where the Entrepreneurship Center came into play. Black Sheep Ice Cream joined forces with the guidance of Microloan Program Coordinator, Amanda Camerano and the Entrepreneurship Center to craft a solid plan that would convince financiers of the potential in his venture and ultimately provide Zac with the funding he needed to finally pursue this flavorful journey.

Securing the financial access to capital through the Entrepreneurship Center was a pivotal moment, marking the beginning of Zac Turgeon’s small business

journey. While milestones are yet to come, the progress made in overcoming financial barriers signals a promising future for Black Sheep Craft Ice Cream. His future goals include continuing to introduce new, unique flavors and experiences. Whether expanding or maintaining his current path, the core of his business will remain rooted in delivering quality ice cream and enticing customers to step outside of their flavor comfort zones.

This upcoming November 13th, Zac will be unveiling three new flavors for his monthly drop. Be a part of the magic – shop local, support dreams and save the date. Pints of these delicious creations can be ordered at and while you are there, do not hesitate to sign up for alerts for future drops.

For more information, email Zac Turgeon at