Sheila Och, President

Aleksandra Tugbiyele, Vice President

Glenn Goldman, Treasurer

Bernadette Wheeler, Assistant Treasurer

Dennis Piendak, Clerk

Low-Income Sector Representatives

Sothea Chiemruom, Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association

Marty Hogan, Centralville Neighborhood Action Group

Hayley Barrett, Coalition for a Better Acre

Sheila Och, Lowell Community Health Center

Germaine Vigeant-Trudel, Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership

Lisa Jamieson, Billerica Public Housing

Mickey Cockrell, Dracut/ Catie’s Closet

Rita O’ Brien Dee, Tewksbury Council on Aging

Lynn Roderick, Westford Council on Aging

Safeena Niazi, Head Start Policy Council

Atty. Linda Neary, Northeast Legal Aid

Bernadette Wheeler, Women’s Money Matters

Board of Directors Meetings

One Wednesday a month at 6:30pm
(See the calendar of events)
To participate virtually, contact:

Public Sector Representatives

Aleksandra Tugbiyele, Lowell City Council (Designated by Councilor John Leahy)

VACANT, City of Lowell

Kate Cohen, Chelmsford/Westford (Appointed by State Rep. Jim Arciero)

Bob Correnti, Billerica (Appointed by BHA Commissioner J. O Donnell)

Dennis E. Piendak, Dracut (Appointed by Town Manager Ann Vandal)

Marie Sweeney, former Board Chair, Tewksbury (appointed by Select Board Member James Mackey)

Private Sector Representatives

Dr. Leland Ackerson, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Marty Conway, Greater Lowell Central Labor Council

Glenn Goldman, Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank

James Hogan, Washington Savings Bank

Carleen Gavin, Director Emeritus