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energy and utilities

Energy and Utility programs offer a host of heating and conservation programs to help families stay safe and warm each winter, including fuel assistance, weatherization and burner repair/replacement.


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LIHEAP – Home Energy Assistance

The fuel assistance benefit (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP) helps eligible, income qualified households pay the cost of heating their homes. View Program
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Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

Our Weatherization technicians use energy audits to determine which energy efficiency measures are most appropriate and cost-effective for each home. View Program
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Appliance Management Program (AMP) Services

In an attempt to reduce your electric consumption, Community Teamwork may replace for free your refrigerator, freezer, and window A/C unit with a new “Energy Star” certified appliance, made possible with National Grid and Eversource View Program
Heating System Weatherization Repair and Replacement Program

Heating System Weatherization Repair and Replacement Program (HEARTWAP)

HEARTWAP provides heating system repair and replacement services to low-income households. View Program


Households had their inoperable heating systems replaced


Households receive weatherization and energy savings each year


Households received Fuel Assistance

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Debra Hill

Appliance Management Program (AMP) Services, Heating System Weatherization Repair and Replacement Program (HEARTWAP), Weatherization and Conservation
Phone: (978) 654-4904 or (978) 941-3659

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Saving Energy — Keeping Seniors Warm

Roger B. lost his wife last year. In addition to facing the grief of losing his life partner, Roger had to cope with a significantly reduced income. He struggled through one relatively mild winter, juggling View Program

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