Laura Lamarre Anderson and Thea Lamarre Anderson

Lala Books: A Family’s Dream Turned Downtown Haven

In the bustling streets of Downtown Lowell, Massachusetts, there’s a special spot that has become a haven for book lovers of all ages. Lala Books, owned by Laura, her daughter Thea, and Laura’s husband Greg, is not just a bookstore—it’s a dream realized, a community hub, and a shining example of literary passion.

The journey of Lala Books began with a simple wish. Laura, Greg, and Thea, a reading family, often found themselves longing for a local bookstore in their own neighborhood. They envisioned a place where readers could gather, explore new worlds, and connect with fellow book enthusiasts. In 2021, their dream came to life as Lala Books opened its doors to the public.

From the very beginning, Laura, Greg, and Thea were determined to make a positive impact on the city of Lowell, particularly in the downtown area. They noticed a lack of bookstores and saw an opportunity to fill that void while also creating a space that would be fully accessible to everyone—a non-negotiable aspect of their vision.

What fuels Lala Books’ mission is not just the love for literature, but their appreciation for the community. It’s the people who breathe life into their bookstore, making it a vibrant space for connection and discovery.

Even in the face of challenges like budgeting, financing concerns, and infrastructure issues, the family’s deep connection with the community remained their guiding light. They recognized that by serving the people, they could better serve their love for books.

One of the key elements that sets Lala Books apart is Thea’s role as the head buyer. Her close relationships with the customer base allow her to curate a thoughtful selection of books that cater to diverse interests and perspectives. This personalized touch has garnered a loyal following, including support from the Lowell School Department and Community Teamwork Inc. (CTI).

Speaking of their partnership with Lala Books, Carl Howell, Chief Program Officer at Community Teamwork, highlights the bookstore’s commitment to diversity and inclusion: “As part of Community Teamwork’s commitment to supporting not only local small businesses but also women and POC-owned businesses, we have proactively chosen Lala Books for the majority of our book procurement needs throughout the organization.”

Howell continues, “Lala Books has played a crucial role in rebuilding our early education center libraries with age-appropriate and culturally relevant children’s books. We have extended this initiative to our shelter programs, ensuring that libraries are available at various locations with books that reflect the diversity of the individuals and households we serve.”
Lala Books’ location near attractions like the Quilt Museum and National Park Visitor Center also draws in tourists who make it a point to start their Lowell exploration at this literary gem.

For Laura, Thea, and Greg, Lala Books is not just a business—it’s a labor of love and a testament to the power of community. With their tagline “Where readers gather,” they continue to inspire and enrich the community through the magic of books, one page at a time.

If you’re in the Lowell area, make sure to stop by Lala Books at 189 Market Street, Lowell, MA 01852. You can also reach them by phone at 978-221-5966, or explore their collection online at