Carleen Gavin

Samsung Tablets Provided Through FGP Program

Last fall through a block grant the FGP program was provided Samsung Tablets for the program. Most of the volunteers didn’t have any idea how to even turn on a tablet or use a smart phone. Mary Donnelly, Senior Corps Volunteer Staff Specialist, brought them to each of the volunteers with some training materials and spent time with them giving a demo on the different apps. (And a lot of time back and forth via the phone and in-person). They are having a great time with them.

Some of the volunteers were able to join their classrooms via zoom and do one-on-one with students who needed assistance.   In addition, we had an outside vendor do 41 hour group training sessions on how to use zoom, email, and google classroom. “All and all the tablets have been successful and my volunteers are really enjoying them. This at least got them away from the television and some of them could do zoom meetings with their families who are out of the country or the state.