The Story of Mira Ve began with a Discovery

The story of Mira Ve began with a discovery—a notebook bursting with recipes and aspirations. In 2020, two friends, Carolina Pino and Carolina Rios, stumbled upon a dream that not only captivated taste buds but also intertwined threads of connection within the Lowell community.

Carolina P., raised within the bustling rhythm of restaurants, held the dream of venturing into her own culinary world. In contrast, Carolina R. brought a flair for digital design, and together, their distinct talents seamlessly intertwined, paving the path for their joint culinary pursuit.

One day in 2020, Carolina R. stumbled upon a notebook belonging to Carolina P., filled with recipes. Upon questioning its contents, Carolina P. revealed her lifelong dream—”Mira Ve,” translating to “Hey, look” in English, a phrase reminiscent of Cali, Colombia, where inspiration struck.

This inspiration fueled their ambition, yet reality loomed large—neither knew how to cook beyond the basics. Undeterred, they embarked on a culinary journey, envisioning a menu centered around crafting hotdogs and burgers. During brainstorming, Carolina R. swiftly recognized a missing element: the need for homemade sauces and distinctive flavors. Enter Carolina P., who held the key to these secret recipes.

Their venture began casually, serving friends and family, and swiftly expanded as people sought solace in good food during the pandemic. As their food drew crowds, it dawned on them that this passion could evolve into something bigger. The solution emerged as a food truck—an idea aligning with the demand for quick, delectable take-out meals. However, finances posed a hurdle until they found a lifeline at the Entrepreneurship Center.

At the E-Center, a wealth of resources awaited—business coaching, marketing expertise, and crucially, access to the initial SBA Microloan. This support fueled Mira Ve’s food truck dream, turning aspiration into reality.

Guided by the E-Center team and specifically, Amanda Camerano, our SBA Microloan coordinator, Mira Ve received invaluable guidance. Amanda played a pivotal role, offering ongoing business coaching, fostering strategic discussions, and pinpointing funding avenues. Her involvement at the Entrepreneurship Center proved pivotal in securing a $30,000 forgivable loan via the City of Lowell’s Small Business Expansion Program.

Amanda, in collaboration with Carolina P. and Carolina R., provided unwavering support throughout the application process, ensuring Mira Ve received the necessary assistance to expand their operations. The Entrepreneurship Center’s comprehensive resources and dedicated personnel became the cornerstone of Mira Ve’s transformative journey.

In the whirlwind of their early days, Mira Ve ventured into the food truck domain despite their initial lack of experience.Parking on Merrimack Street became their signature spot, a classroom teaching the art of adapting to demand and serving their delectable offerings every single day. Their strategy evolved through community engagement, from participating in local events like the Lowell Farmers Market to collaborating with neighboring restaurants like Panela. Their aim extended beyond profits; they wanted visibility, aspiring to be more than just a food truck.

Each bustling day marked a milestone, but their journey transcends food—it’s about manifesting a dream into a flavorful reality, one dish at a time. Their menu, inspired by Colombian street food, echoes the vibrant flavors of Colombia. However, their commitment to authenticity goes beyond tradition; they also prioritize inclusivity by offering an array of vegan dishes, showcasing their versatility and dedication.

Thanks to the resources at the E-Center, their dream flourished further. With guidance in business coaching, strategic planning, and crucial financial assistance, Mira Ve has transitioned from a food truck to establishing their own brick-and-mortar location. Now situated at 105 Mammoth Road in Lowell, reachable at (978)-596-6688, their doors are open Monday-Thursday & Sunday from 2-10 pm, Friday 11 am-11 pm, and Saturday 2-11 pm. We invite you to savor their offerings and witness their journey firsthand.