Sandra Whams

Wham’s Cafe

Step into Wham’s Cafe, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Lowell, Massachusetts, where Sandra, a determined entrepreneur, has been crafting a culinary haven for lovers of authentic Kenyan cuisine for the past decade. Located on the corner of Aiken Street and Lakeview Ave, Wham’s has become a cornerstone of the community, offering a taste of Kenyan street-style snacks and home-cooked meals.

Lowell, often referred to as a gateway city, possesses a rich history and a diverse immigrant community. Sandra’s vision for Wham’s Cafe goes beyond simply providing delectable dishes; it’s about breaking down stereotypes surrounding African cuisines and creating a welcoming space for new immigrant families. In a city known for its hospitality, Wham’s stands out as a testament to inclusivity

The cafe’s menu, inspired by Kenyan kibandas and roadside kiosks, brings a piece of East Africa to the Greater Lowell area. Beyond satisfying culinary cravings, Wham’s is on a mission to support working immigrant families facing the challenges of balancing multiple low-wage jobs and adapting to a new way of life.

Wham’s Cafe is ever-evolving to meet the changing demands. Recognizing the trend towards take-out and the desire for convenient family meals, Sandra envisions a future where Wham’s becomes the go-to destination for ready-packaged items, providing a quick “grab and go” experience for busy families. Sandra has received invaluable assistance and guidance from the Entrepreneurship Center at CTI, specifically from Amanda Camerano. Amanda has provided a thorough business and personal assessment, offering support to enhance Wham’s growth and sustainability.

Amidst these endeavors, Sandra, a mother to a special pre-teen named Stella, holds an annual awareness event at Wham’s Cafe. The event supports special needs children and families in Kenya through Stella’s Wish Bus, showcasing a commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. Stella’s presence is not only an integral part of Sandra’s life but also a source of inspiration for the entire Wham’s community.

As we honor Black History Month, Wham’s Cafe takes center stage in celebrating the diverse and vibrant blend of African culture and resilience. Sandra’s journey, from setting up the cafe from an empty storefront to managing its day-to-day operations, reflects the spirit that has shaped the history and contributions of the black community.

Wham’s Cafe isn’t just a place to savor Kenyan delicacies; it’s a cultural bridge, fostering understanding and appreciation. Join Wham’s on their journey as they navigate the challenges, embrace growth, and continue to serve not just food but an experience that transcends borders and builds bridges of connection in the heart of Lowell.