front page summer street march


  • CTI responds to Pandemic
  • RAFT Program increases from 3000 application per year to 3000 per week
  • CTI opens 19 Permanent Housing units to address Individual Homelessness
  • New Fair Housing Program established
  • CTI partners with Accountable Care Organizations to provide referrals and funding to clients
  • Rita O’Brien-Dee Center for Development and Behavioral Health is established
  • EA Family Shelter Expands
  • CTI Leads Community Discussion on the Road to 300 units of housing for Individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Lantern Lights Residential Summer Camp Program is established
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are established
  • Client served surpasses 55 Thousand clients in 70 Communities
  • CTI sponsors the Who We Are: a Chronicle of Racism in America”
  • CTI purchases a building for a 50 bed women’s shelter
  • Youth Crisis Housing opens