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Discover the programs that best meet your needs.

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Community Teamwork drives change with vital services and key collaborations, to create housing, education and economic opportunities that reduce poverty and strengthen communities.

From the single mom who can confidently head to work knowing her children are safe and well cared for, to the veteran we help return to his or her community, and the homeless family who gains training, employment, and the dignity of living in decent housing, we help people help themselves with child care, family supports, nutrition, fuel assistance, housing, skills training, employment, financial education, and individual asset and small business development.

As a Community Action Agency, a Regional Housing Agency, and a Community Development Corporation, Community Teamwork helps nearly 50,000 individuals from 63 cities and towns in northeastern Massachusetts gain greater economic independence.

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The Merrimack Valley Small Business Center is proud to be part of the team of agencies working to help small businesses and entrepreneurs from the Lawrence, Andover and North Andover area as they work to recover from the recent Columbia Gas Emergency.

Some top tips from our own Merrimack Valley Small Business Center experts….
1. Be sure to document and photograph any losses or emergency related expenses and keep all receipts.
2. Check in with your Insurance company to get up to date information on what options you may have for filing a business loss claim.
3. If you have had to temporarily close your business or if for any other reason you are having trouble keeping up existing business loan payments be sure to contact your local loan representative to discuss options for delaying payments without penalties based on the current Columbia Gas Emergency.
4. Reach out to the Merrimack Valley Small Business Center and any of the other agencies who are participating in the We Are Lawrence business response at the link below:

Additionally, here are some links for Small Business Owners who have been impacted by the emergency with up to date information on emergency loan options as well as recommendations about how businesses can better plan for future crises.






Mass. Law Reform Institute (MLRI) has put together some information about possible housing opportunities for Puerto Ricans coming to Massachusetts after Hurricane Maria. The document includes links to relevant publications and notices from FEMA, DHCD and HUD. We hope this will be helpful for those of you assisting these families and individuals. https://www.masslegalservices.org/content/massachusetts-housing-resources-puerto-rico-evacuees
COMMUNITY TEAMWORK SUPPORTS FAMILIES DISPLACED BY HURRICANE DISASTERS IN PUERTO RICO, FLORIDA OR TEXAS. Staff provides help with your FEMA application and other family resources. Walk-ins welcome at 17 Kirk Street, Lowell MA or call 978.459.0551.

You can complete the application online for yourself or a family member at www.disasterassistance.gov or through the FEMA App. OR: Apply by phone 1.866.454.3362 or TTY 800.462.7585 7am to 11pm EST. 7 days a week

Si usted o un algun miembro de su familia ha sido desplazado por los desastres del huracan en Puerto Rico, Florida o Texas, Nuestro equipo de las oficinas del Centro de Recursos para la Comunidad de trabajo estan disponibles para ayudarle a completar su solicitud de FEMA y conectar las familias con los recursos que estan disponibles actualmente. Por favor visite nuestras oficinas que son bienvenidos estamos localizados en 17 kirk St Lowell / 978.459.0551

Puede completar la solicitud en linea para usted o un miembro de la familia en www.disasterassistance.gov o traves de lat aplicacion FEMA.
Aplicar por telefono al 1.866.545.3362 o TTY 800.462.7585 07 am - 11 pm, hora del este, 7 dias a la semana.


The National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition is working diligently to develop and publish tools to help advocate for the federal utility assistance program LIHEAP during a time with the Administration has proposed to eliminate the program in the FY 2018 budget blueprint.

As supporters of low-income families who struggle to make decisions about whether to heat their homes or buy their medicine, or to put food on their tables, NEUAC opposes this decision and will strongly advocate for a final budget that protects LIHEAP and those in crisis who are saved by the program.

One step NEUAC has taken is to revive the website www.saveliheap.org. Here you will be redirected to a Resource Page with many useful links.
Additionally, to join NEUAC and add your voice to the others who are advocating fiercely for this program, go to http://neuac.org/membership/

Thank you from Community Teamwork for your support and advocacy during this critical time. Visit our ADVOCACY page for more Information.


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