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Discover the programs that best meet your needs.

Discover the programs that best meet your needs.

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Community Teamwork drives change with vital services and key collaborations, to create housing, education and economic opportunities that reduce poverty and strengthen communities.

From the single mom who can confidently head to work knowing her children are safe and well cared for, to the veteran we help return to his or her community, and the homeless family who gains training, employment, and the dignity of living in decent housing, we help people help themselves with child care, family supports, nutrition, fuel assistance, housing, skills training, employment, financial education, and individual asset and small business development.

As a Community Action Agency, a Regional Housing Agency, and a Community Development Corporation, Community Teamwork helps nearly 50,000 individuals from 63 cities and towns in northeastern Massachusetts gain greater economic independence.

Email us: headquarters@commteam.org

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In July, the Lowell WIC Program will be providing Farmers’ Market vouchers for WIC participants at the Lowell WIC Program. This year, vouchers have been changed from a $40.00 maximum cap to $20.00 per active participant! FMNP vouchers will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and are available for all women, infants, and children over the age of 6 months. Please contact the Lowell WIC Program at 978-454-6397 with any additional questions.

Community Teamwork Drives Social and Economic Change

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