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2021-2022 Winter Weather Emergency Plan

Lowell Transitional Living Center will be the primary destination for any individual adult seeking shelter, and will serve as the front door for emergency winter overnight services.

Anyone looking for placement should call the shelter at (978) 458-9888 before taking guests to the building to ensure an appropriate disposition. Once there, they will be triaged for a bed at LTLC.

If LTLC is full, staff there will call Life Connection Center at (978) 997-0588 for additional resources, including potential placement in a bed at The Sanctuary, or placement at the non-congregate hotel site.

Individuals should NOT be referred directly to Life Connection during an emergency event, nor should they be sent to “get a hotel room”.

During weather emergencies, additional hotel rooms will only be made available after all available congregate beds at both LTLC and The Sanctuary have been filled.

If LTLC alerts The Sanctuary that they are full, and the Sanctuary is full, Life Connection will alert CTI to secure additional hotel rooms if those are available.

If an individual needs a warm place to wait while a bed is being determined, the Eliot Day Program will be open from 8am to 2pm. In the event of significant snowfall, they may delay opening by one hour to allow for snow removal. Their holiday schedule is as follows:

  • Closed on Thanksgiving Day (Take-out Thanksgiving dinner from 11am – 1pm) and Christmas Eve (Friday)
  • Open on New Year’s Eve (Friday), MLK Day (Jan 17th, 2022) and President’s Day (Feb 21st, 2022)

If you encounter an individual who appears to be in distress related to the cold, and who seems to be significantly impaired by mental illness, a Section 12 may be appropriate. You can call the Lahey Emergency Services Program for evaluation support. (978 455 3397 or 800 830 5177)