With the entire region facing a severe crisis in housing supply, Common Ground Development Corporation (CGDC) was created as a non-profit subsidiary of CTI to produce more housing, for home-buyers and tenants, and to preserve existing apartments at affordable rent levels.

Common Ground’s mandate is to work cooperatively with the cities and towns throughout the Merrimack Valley and North Shore to address this acute need. New units are being created through rehabilitation of distressed buildings and through new construction. Existing apartments are being preserved at affordable rent levels through the acquisition and maintenance program.

Common Ground offers an opportunity for towns to work collaboratively with a friendly developer to plan and execute projects that will ‘work’ for everyone concerned.

Common Ground has worked with CTI’s YouthBuild Program that helps at-risk youth earn a GED and acquire construction trade skills. The students construct affordable housing in partnership with and under the supervision of licensed, experienced building contractors.

Common Ground actively reaches out to area cities and towns, communicating with their Planning Departments, Affordable Housing Committees and local Housing Authorities to increase affordable housing production, while reducing reliance on Chapter 40B as a development tool.

A safe, decent, affordable home for everyone who needs one is the Common Ground goal.