Covid-19 Emergency Response



COVID-19 Housing & Evictions Information – With the Massachusetts Statewide Eviction Moratorium that Gov. Baker passed in April of 2020 scheduled to end in October, there is a lot of uncertainty among many tenants around the Commonwealth. LTC spoke to representatives from Northeast Legal Aid and Community Teamwork, Inc. for more information about what tenants can do if they are worried about their ability to remain safely housed, and programs available to tenants and property owners to help them remain stable during the COVID-19 pandemic. WATCH HERE Video is posted to LTC’s Youtube Channel! It’s also playing on Channel 8 at LTC for the next two weeks (October 16, 2020)Watch Community Teamwork’s Karen Frederick, Chief Executive Officer and Connie Martin, Division Director of Energy and Community Resource discuss with Soben Pin of Khmer Post the resources available to assist families and businesses during the Covid-19 ~ Including rental relief up to $4,000 per family, childcare for essential workers and school-age children remote learning, business loans and fuel assistance. 

Listen to Connie Martin, Division Director Energy and Community Resources and Kristin Ross-Sitcawich, Director of Homeless Prevention and Homeownership Program discuss the RAFT and ERMA programs available now to people in need of help with rent, mortgage payments and more –  WCAP Radio 9/29/2020

Listen to Karen Frederick, CEO and Meghan Siembor, Division Director Child & Family Services discuss the urgent need for space (WITH WIFI) for School Age and Remote Learners – WCAP  Radio 9/22/2020

Watch LTC – September 2020 – On this edition: City Council returns to City Hall, the end of the eviction moratorium approaches, neighborhood Facebook groups, the future of outdoor dining, and in the Sun Spot an interview with Dr. Joel Boyd and Dan Rourke.

Listen to Chris Santos-Gordon, Director Financial Education Center, discuss the Top 6 things to do to manage finances during the pandemic – WCAP Radio 8/4/2020

Listen to Meghan Misset, Director WIC Program, discuss WIC response to the pandemic and surge in remote applications, classes and social media presence – WCAP Radio 7/28/2020

Listen to Meghan Siembor, Division Director, Child and Family Services, discuss the reopening of Child Carr, Early Learning and School Age Programs at Community Teamwork – WCAP Radio 7/21/2020

Listen to Community Teamwork’s Karen Frederick, CEO and Carl Howell, Division Director Housing and Homeless Services discuss the DEI Consortium Declaration that Racism is a Public Health Crisis and the Rally at JFK Plaza tonight – WCAP Radio 7/14/2020

Listen to Carl Howell, Division Director Housing and Homeless Services discuss social determinants of health, housing and racial inequality – WCAP Radio 7/7/2020

Listen to Connie Martin, Division Director Energy and Community Resources discuss the changing  – needs of our clients over the course of the pandemic – with focus now on rental and mortgage support – WCAP Radio 6/30/2020

Facebook Live Discussion with Host, Congresswoman Lori Trahan and members of CTI’s Executive Management Team: Karen Frederick, CEO; Meghan Siembor, Division Director Child and Family Services, Carl Howell, Division Director Housing an Homeless Services and Connie Martin, Division Director Energy and Community Resources ~ A conversation around services and programs we are  providing during this pandemic and beyond. 6/25/2020

Listen to Bridget Quinn, Director of Community Teamwork’s Volunteer Center discuss Mill City Mentors and the Senior Corps Volunteer Programs (RSVP, Senior Companions and Foster Grandparents) – WCAP Radio 6/23/2020

Listen to Chris Santos-Gordon, Director of the Financial Education Center discuss how the Center is responding to the needs of the community re: employment services, skills training, VITA, financial education and more – WCAP Radio 6/2/2020

Watch UMass Lowell’s webinar, Salute to Essential Heroes: Community Organization. Speakers included  Community Leaders Karen Frederick, CEO Community Teamwork; Kevin Morrissey, CEO Greater Lowell Family YMCA; Susan West Levine, CEO Lowell Community Health Center and Sovanna Pouv, Executive Director Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association. May 28, 2020

Listen to Franky Descoteaux, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center @CTI discusses how the Center is responding to small business issues and reaction to the upcoming vote surrounding “streetory” policies in Lowell – WCAP Radio 5/26/2020

Listen to Connie Martin, Division Director Energy and Community Resources  discuss updates to our RAFT program and general reminders to everyone to contact all of us here at CTI with any challenges they are facing!  – WCAP Radio 5/19/2020

Listen to Karen Frederick, CEO of Community Teamwork discuss the latest updates on the services we provide and the importance of child care – WCAP Radio 5/12/2020

Listen to Kathleen Plath, Director of Development and Marketing of Community Teamwork discuss some of the ways Community Teamwork has been helping – WCAP Radio 5/5/2020

Listen to Carl Howell, Division Director Housing and Homeless Services of Community Teamwork discuss updates on services for our families and programs 4/28/2020

Listen to Meghan Siembor, Division Director Child & Family Services of Community Teamwork discuss updates on services to our children and parents ~ WCAP Radio 4/21/2020

Listen to Karen Frederick, CEO and Susan Brittain, Deputy Division Director Energy of Community Teamwork discuss the changes to Fuel Assistance and additional benefits to our clients ~ WCAP Radio 4/14/2020

Listen to Kathleen Plath, Director of Development and Marketing, address updates to Community Teamwork’s response to Covid-19 ~ WCAP Radio 4/7/2020

Watch/Hear from Karen Frederick, CEO, and Connie Martin, Division Director of Energy and Community Resources at Community Teamwork, Inc., about how Lowell residents can access emergency services during the COVID pandemic. LTC Production 4 4 2020

Listen to Kristin Ross-Sitcawich, Director HCEC and Karen Frederick, CEO, address Community Teamwork’s response to Covid-19 ~ WCAP Radio 3/31/2020

Listen to Karen Frederick, CEO, address Community Teamwork’s response to Covid-19 ~ WCAP Radio 3/26/2020

Stay tuned for weekly updates on WCAP 980 am radio and other updates on Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) local television.


GLCF COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Sandi A. Wilson Youth Homelessness Endowment Fund

Now more than ever it is important to be counted – LET’S MAKE LOWELL COUNT! TAKE THE CENSUS!

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COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE                    Community Teamwork is here to help…

During this health crisis, Community Teamwork has put in place emergency programming to ensure that we can continue to provide critical service to our clients while maintaining social distancing protocols for the health and safety of our community, our clients and our Community Teamwork staff. While we are closing all our buildings to walk-in traffic, our staff is available by phone, email and, in extreme circumstances, to meet with clients on an appointment-only basis. Please call one of the numbers below and our staff will work with you to find the right solutions for you and your family during this challenging time.

Resource Center

Our Resource Center and Housing Consumer Education Center (HCEC) have cancelled all individual meetings, workshops and trainings until further notice. However, all of our staff will be available via phone and email.

The Majority of our emergency services are accessible via phone or email.

We will be using an emergency COVID hotline and general mailbox which will be continuously monitored from 8:30am to 5pm every weekday. We will work to ensure that all calls and emails will receive a response within 2 hours. All emergency contact information on and additional email address information is also available on our website

Emergency Contact Information

Resource Center and HCEC

(for all general emergency referrals)

Fuel Assistance and Heating System Repair 

(Please note: As long as the State of Emergency is in effect the Department of Public Utilities has extended the moratorium that all utilities must follow the “no shut off” rule.)

WIC 978.454.6397


Rental Assistance (Section 8 & MRVP) 978.654.5726


Youth Services 978.905.7385


Child and Family Services

CTI- Remote Learning


Updated 3.23.2020

A Statement from Community Teamwork –  A voice for those unheard, silenced, and marginalized since for over 56 years -We cannot stand idly by – 6/2/2020

A Statement from Community Teamwork’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee about John Robert Lewis, Civil Rights Icon and Congressman 7/23/2020

VOTE. YOUR VOICE MATTERS. The Massachusetts State Primary is Tuesday, September 1st – Community Teamwork’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee 8/31/2020.

COMMUNITY TEAMWORK RESPONDS – Celebrates 56th Anniversary of Community Action / LIHEAP / Customer Satisfaction Survey – 8/20/2020

COMMUNITY TEAMWORK RESPONDS – Lowell WIC Program Celebrates World Breastfeeding Week – 8/3/2020

COMMUNITY TEAMWORK RESPONDS – Child and Family Services Programs Reopen 7/22/2020

COMMUNITY TEAMWORK RESPONDS – We Celebrate Juneteenth 6/19/2020

COMMUNITY TEAMWORK RESPONDS – We ask ourselves, what can we do? 6/11/2020




COMMUNITY TEAMWORK UPDATES 4 / 29 / 2020  – Housing and Homeless Services

COMMUNITY TEAMWORK UPDATES 4/ 23 /2020 – Child and Family Services




MASSCAP Newsletter 4/23/2020:  MASSCAP Road to Opportunity: Finding the Way Forward Through COVID-19 and Beyond. (There is a story about Community Teamwork’s VITA program and some money savings found for one of our clients –  by Rachana, a  CTI Volunteer who found the exemption rule.)

G E N E R A L  I N F O R M A T I O N

September P-EBT funds were recently announced by the DTA. They will be distributed to families to help cover days that schools were missed due to a delayed start and/or days where students are learning at home for at least 5 days in a row.
Families that already have SNAP/ TAFDC or P-EBT from the past should have gotten funds on their cards on September 30. Families who are new to P-EBT will get a letter in the mail starting this week explaining eligibility, and then will get a separate card in the mail. For additional partner resources, visit
Note that using P-EBT does not impact an individual’s immigration status. The public charge rule does not apply to P-EBT benefits. Families can visit for more information. The website is available in 6 languages. Or, families can call the Department of Transitional Assistance at (877) 382-2363 and press “6” for help.
The state has created a new resources webpage for individuals and families of the Commonwealth that are struggling to make rent or mortgage payments due to COVID-19. This new website is
Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has declared a temporary halt in residential evictions to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. This temporary order goes through 12/31/2020. The declaration and qualifications can be found here:


NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: Call the CTI FUEL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM at 978-459-6161 today to make an appointment and to learn more. We are taking applications now for Nov 1st, 2020 – April 30th, 2021 assistance. You can still use the link on our homepage to make an appointment – but you will still need to do an application by phone. FUEL ASSISTANCE applications can also be mailed, emailed:, faxed: 978.458.8594 or dropped in a specially marked mailbox outside the Fuel Assistance office at 45 Kirk Street, Lowell MA 01852.

REMINDER: If you are receiving Unemployment Benefits, it may be important  for you to choose to have taxes taken out, as you will be receiving a 1099G form in January when you file taxes. Depending on your income bracket, you may have to pay taxes on their benefits. For more info they can visit

NOTICE from the Massachusetts Immigrants & Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) concerning the need to “spread the word” about P-EBT Benefits. 20% of the 290 thousand P-EBT cards issued have not been activated resulting in P-EBT benefits not being utilized.

CENSUS ENUMERATORS are now going door-to-door to contact people who have not yet responded to the census.There is information in links below as to how to identify a census worker. Please share:




Learn more at

Stop the Spread  – for more info:

Got Brain Fog Lately? Blame It On The Coronavirus Pandemic
Read this if you’ve been losing track of time, forgetting things or haven’t been able to concentrate

Lowellians: Assistance and Mutual Aid (LLAMA)
Survey link:
And Facebook Group:

COVID-19 Resources

Please CLICK HERE  for information on Coronavirus-related scams.  Also included is information from our Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) office on how to report these scams.  Please share this information with your clients and via your social media accounts. Remember updates are being made often. Please continue to check

Left in Lowell ~ We’re brighter in the sun

Resources Supporting the Local Community

Useful Lowell and Surrounding Area Resource Links and forms 

Coronavirus stimulus-package tax relief: Withdraw $100K from your IRA — and repay in 3 years with zero tax liability. Learn more

MA Bills Related to the Covid-19 Pandemic

NFI Mass Inc. Family Resource Center – COVID-19 Comunity Support Information

City of Lowell EOC now active to assist residents and provide resources/information related to coronavirus. 978-674-4052.

The United Way is offering “one-time grants of up to $2000” to “help families impacted by the COVID-19 crisis meet their basic food, childcare or housing needs.” You can dial 2-1-1 for information on where you can access flexible funds through the COVID-19 Family Support Fund. United Way of Massachusetts Bay…/covid-19-family-fund/


Lowell Community Health Center


3/23/2020 Governor’s list of essential businesses/functions, non-essential businesses must close their doors by noon on Tuesday, but can work remotely if applicable. 

C H I L D R E N  &  F A M I L Y  –  E D U C A T I O N

10 Tips to Prepare Your Kids and Your Home for Distance Learning – Macaroni Kids

The Lowell Public School that the registration period for Kindergarten and Preschool is now past. All students entering grades 1-12 who are new to the district or who want to transfer into the Lowell Public Schools must be registered. If you have any further questions about registration, you can call the Family Resource Center at 978-674-4321.   Resources

Community Teamwork Remote Learning – Infants through Pre-School


Use this link to connect to LPS home learning and class dojo!
Stay connected and up to date with your child’s class!

Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) May/June Newsletter – INCLUDES LINKS TO MANY COVID  RESOURCES


NFI Massachusetts/Family Resource Center: Virtual Tutoring for Community Members Impacted by Covid-19


Here is a good idea about what you and your family can do during “rest time”! Use this site and put on a kid-friendly podcast! There’s so many to choose from that the whole family can listen to together- children can color, play with playdough, or just rest while they listen!

Educational Resources

Home School Resources

150 Educational Shows to Watch on Netflix

10 Free Learning Websites for Children

Prevent Child AbuseCovid-19 Resources and Tips for Parents, Children and Others

The National Child traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) Parent / Caregiver  Guide to Helping Familes Cope with the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 

NetFlix BrainChild Streaming Educational Curriculum for Elementary and Middle Schools

Mindfulness Workshops for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers –  Multiple Dates

How Stress Affects Children’s Behavior – a post from our CFCE Program – From a Psychology Specialist

How Stress Affects Children’s Behavior – a post from our CFCE Program – From a Psychology Specialist

Amazon Makes All Kids Shows Free to Stream


BIG #UPDATE! U.S. Department of Agriculture has just announced they are extending the Child Nutrition Waivers needed to allow the 900 free meal sites in MA to continue to operate and provide free meals to kids through December! A huge thank you to all our legislators, anti-hunger partners, school leaders, and people like you who took action to tell USDA to extend these waivers to keep feeding hungry kids during this pandemic! #hunger #kids #backtoschool

Click here to see the faces of the WIC staff here to help you! Leave a message at (978)454-6397 and we will return your call. We are also available for phone appointments so you will not be without benefits during this time!! Not on WIC and want to apply?  Start your application online at!


Flyer – English

Fact Sheet – English


Flyer – Spanish 

Fact Sheet – Spanish

Lowell Public Schools are transitioning to a summer schedule for meal service starting Tuesday, June 16. At these sites, students will receive two breakfasts and two lunches on Mondays and Wednesdays and will also receive meals for the weekend days on Fridays. Students at the STEM site will also receive meals for the weekend days on Fridays. When visiting our lunch sites, please remember that the Governor has ordered that everyone must wear a mask or face covering in public spaces. As always, you can also contact the Family Resource Center with any additional questions at 978-674-4321, or fill out the online form.

Community Teamwork has received an update from the state for our clients who are receiving an emergency SNAP allotment for the months of March and April. Click the link for details are attached along with some answers to frequently asked questions should you be speaking with any clients who are SNAP recipients.

Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Inc.

Project Bread – Food Source Hotline  To find food resources in your community, call the FoodSource Hotline:
TTY 1-800-377-1292
Hotline Hours:
Monday – Friday
8 A.M. – 7 P.M.

10 A.M. – 2 P.M.

The Salvation Army Food Pantry, Lowell MA is open 

Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday 9-11am. 978.458.3396

Special Grocery Store Hours During Covid-19

S E N I O R S  &  T H O S E  W I T H   D I S A B I L I T I E S

The Green Book – Resource for Elders and Those with Disabilities

If you or someone you know that is 60 years of age or older and still need to have their Tax Returns Prepared – Liberty Tax is offering to do your return for Free!! Click here for

S M A L L  B U S I N E S S  &  E M P L O Y M E N T   &   O T H E R   G O V E R N M E N T  R E G U L A T I O N S

Visit the Entrepreneurship Center @CTI






Covid-19 Resources Helpful to Gig Workers and Others    Gig workers are independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers and temporary workers.

There is assistance coming for self-employed, independent contractors, etc (i.e. 1099 workers). This chart is a helpful cheat sheet in how to access those benefits

THE INTERIM FINAL RULE RE: ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA AND REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTAIN PLEDGES OF LOANS   The new Final Interim Rule is released and addresses self-employed and 1099 PPP applications

Also to join the Entrepreneurship Center’s daily zoom call – please fill out this form.

The Small Business Owner Guide to the CARES Act

ONE FAIR WAGE – Emergency Fund for tipped workers and service workers. You can apply for aid or donate.

Massachusetts Workers Emergency Relief Funds – Resource Guide

Updated info from the IRS regarding the stimulus check for people how haven’t yet filed their 2019 tax returns.  4 6 2020

Coronavirus stimulus-package tax relief: Withdraw $100K from your IRA — and repay in 3 years with zero tax liability. Learn more

MA Bills Related to the Covid-19 Pandemic

NFI Mass Inc. Family Resource Center – COVID-19 Comunity Support Information

City of Lowell EOC now active to assist residents and provide resources/information related to coronavirus. 978-674-4052.

R E F U G E E S  &  U N D O C U M E N T E D  C O M M U N I T I E S

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resources for Refugees

COVID-19 Resources for Undocumented Communities


If you or someone you know that is 60 years of age or older and still need to have their Tax Returns Prepared – Liberty Tax is offering to do your return for Free!! Click here for more information

The IRS has extended the date for Payments Only!
Filing is still due by April 15th, If, you have to pay, the payment Due Date was Extended to July 15th!! 

H O U S I N G  &  U T I L I T I E S 

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Homeless Americans also qualify for an Economic Impact Payment. If they normally don't file taxes, they need to sign up at IRS IRS'

Here’s some updated information (May 2020) from Northeast Legal Services. It includes the information on the ongoing eviction moratorium as well as contact numbers for the Mass Housing Court and the general services Court Hotline for any client or staff questions – In English and Spanish.

Corona Virus Housing – English Flyer

Corona Virus Housing – Spanish Flyer

Mass Housing ~ Affordable Housing including Apartments
Resources for Massachusetts Tenants

Housing Court Standing Order 2-20: Temporary modifications to court operations arising from the coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak

Baker-Polito Administration Temporarily Prohibits Shutoffs to Protect Massachusetts Ratepayers