• Economic Opportunity Act (EOA) of 1964 signed
  • Community Teamwork Formed August 1965
  • John Mahoney joined CTI as first Executive Director
  • CTI Wins the contract from Department of Labor
  • CTI starts Head Start, Senior Volunteer Programs , Fuel Assistance, and Neighborhood Centers for assistance
  • Board appoints Leo Desjarlais as Executive Director
  • Well-Baby Clinics started
  • CTI establishes a child-care center program to respond to growing number of women joining the workforce


  • Section 8 Housing Program and Weatherization Services began at Community Teamwork
  • Establishment of ESL Programs
  • Congressional Changes
  • Funding for Community Organizing eliminated
  • CTI Moves
  • After School Program and Family Child Care System began


  • Community Block Services Block Grant Program (CSBG)
  • Massachusetts mandates 90% of CSBG go to CAA’s
  • CTI establishes programs to help Southeast Asian polulation
  • CTI Opens two Family Shelters funded by the Commonwealth of MA to address the new crisis of family homelessness
  • CTI expands child care operations and is funded to do Child Care Resource an d Referral
  • Merrimack Valley Housing Services is formed to provide Senior Housing in Methuen
  • WIC becomes part of Community Teamwork (previosly operated at LGH)


  • Exec Dir Leo Desjardais is replaced by Board President Tom Conway
  • Jim Canavan is elected as new Executive Director
  • CTI buys and converts a 67K square foot building for Head Start
  • CTI purchases 167 Dutton Street
  • New Entry Sustainable Farming Program is created in collaboration with Tufts University
  • Year round indoor Farmer’s Market established
  • YouthBuild joins CTI (coming from an agency that did not have funding to continue the program)


  • Common Ground Development Corporation (CGDC) is created
  • Karen Frederick becomes the first woman to be named CEO
  • Story Brook I Apartments are Built in Westford
  • Common Ground purchases 26 units of affordable housing
  • YouthBuild and Common Ground develops duplex
  • Common Ground renovates CTI Shelters
  • Common Ground awarded development rights to Old Acton High School
  • CTI creates Workforce Development Division
  • Energy Programs are combined with Community Resources
  • Downturn of 2008 results in Presidents Stimulus Program


  • CTI moves headquarters to the old Bon Marche Building
  • Lowell Small Business Assistance Center becomes Merrimack Valley Small Business Center (and now the Entrepreneurship Center)
  • Common Ground completes Acton 15 units and awarded financing to developm 36 more units
  • CTI institutes CTI CARES and reorganizes service delivery model
  • Partnership with the Fireman Foundation and Community Partners
  • CTI holds Youth Homelessness Summit and begins to plan for Youth Services
  • CTI becomes a Recipient of Community Investment Tax Credits
  • Robert Reich/Jay Ash Conversation on the effects of economic inequality
  • CTI joins forces with The Greater Lowell Community Foudation, the Lowell Plan, and the City of Lowell, to hire a National Consultatnt and develop a plan for adressing the growing crisis of individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Youth Opportunity Center and the Mill-U opens
  • CTI recommits to advancing and adressing racial equity and DEIB, embedding goals in strategic plan and beginning awareness and education nitiatives


  • CTI responds to Pandemic
  • RAFT Program increases from 3000 application per year to 3000 per week
  • CTI opens 19 Permanent Housing units to address Individual Homelessness
  • New Fair Housing Program established
  • CTI partners with Accountable Care Organizations to provide referrals and funding to clients
  • Rita O’Brien-Dee Center for Development and Behavioral Health is established
  • EA Family Shelter Expands
  • CTI Leads Community Discussion on the Road to 300 units of housing for Individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Lantern Lights Residential Summer Camp Program is established
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are established
  • Client served surpasses 55 Thousand clients in 70 Communities
  • CTI sponsors the Who We Are: a Chronicle of Racism in America”
  • CTI purchases a building for a 50 bed women’s shelter
  • Youth Crisis Housing opens