Florence Mwangi

CTI Celebrates Local Black Leaders of Excellence ~ Florence Mwangi

Florence Mwangi – Nurse, Founder and Chair Homeless Reform Project

Homeless Reform Project (HRP), 325 Chelmsford Street, Lowell, Massachusetts, Tel: 857 373 9626

Email: flowamwangi@yahoo.com

Nominated by Elizabeth Wando, Case Manager, Residential Programs, Housing and Homeless Services at Community Teamwork


“I believe that my patience and love for people is what has brought me this far and led to the formation of HRP. I know that nothing is impossible with GOD which is the same attitude I have towards helping people in tough situations.” Change comes by acceptance and trying”.

Our role as Homeless Reform Project (HRP) in our community is to eradicate homelessness by providing hope and shelter to those afflicted. Whether you’re affected or effected, homelessness is a concern to all.

Since the initiation of HRP in February 2019, I have witnessed homeless individuals with alcohol and substance abuse recovering and going back to normalcy, which is very rewarding and, is a motivation to continue.

Black History Month reminds me of the untold stories of all the great heroes who paved the way for us so that we can continue to make a difference in this world. The month is also an excellent reminder, for me to celebrate and teach the new generations of Black and American leaders, who have led the way for us to continue this journey.

I believe that the community can recognize Black history by utilizing the power of reading. If the city of Lowell can build/make little free libraries for the community e.g., at the park, grocery stores, and highlight books from black authors – those focusing on black leaders will bring more awareness to the community. Secondly, recognition and appreciation will also come if the community supports Black-owned businesses in Lowell and its environs and has cultural events and festivities for African Americans and Africans.

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