The Fair Housing Program offers trainings to promote fair housing. Trainings are targeted to help tenants, housing providers, and community service providers that have clients with housing problems. We are presently offering fair housing trainings that provide an overview of housing discrimination, enforcement of housing rights, and the CTI Fair Housing Program services. These trainings are tailored to knowing your rights as a tenant, fair housing awareness and best practices for housing providers, and effective advocacy for service providers.

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Trainings on reasonable accommodations and modifications and discrimination in leasing and lease termination are currently under development. If we do not offer a training on an issuethat interests you, please let us know and we may be able to provide a workshop or individualized information to your organization.

If you have a group, we can arrange for a private training at a convenient time. Trainings can be conducted virtually or in person. Feel free to contact us with questions at, or (978)654-5637.