Workers struggle as real wages decline

Read the new report from Mass Budget and Policy Center:

 The State of Working Massachusetts

 2013 is coming to a close, and while our state economy has continued to grow, the poverty rate remains stubbornly high and wages are still lower than they were before the “Great Recession.” MassBudget’s new online version of “The State of Working Massachusetts” presents a snapshot of economic conditions currently facing workers in Massachusetts and across the nation, along with some longer-term trends.


We find, in particular, that: 


·        Even now, four years after the end of the recession, the poverty rate has not begun to decline


·        Since 2007, the statewide poverty rate has increased from 9.9% to 11.9%


·        Over 1 in every 7 children across the state is currently living in poverty


In addition to covering issues of poverty, the various sections of “The State of Working Massachusetts” discuss the jobs situation in our state along with the declining value of the minimum wage, changes in household income, and the important role education plays in all of these. We invite you to read more about any of these areas, and to check back periodically as materials get updated.