The vision of the Rita O’Brien-Dee Center for Behavioral Health and Development is to provide all children and families at Community Teamwork with developmental and behavioral health services that nurture healthy social-emotional and educational development. Through comprehensive and ongoing assessments, we identify child and family needs, build staff knowledge and capacity, provide classrooms and childcare settings with consultative services and make referrals as indicated for individual and family clinical services.

The Center and its community partnerships highlight the importance of understanding and celebrating diversity and cultural context and promote inclusion for children with disabilities and behavioral health needs. We partner with our community, educators, staff and families to leverage the skills, knowledge and tools needed to create and sustain this shared vision.

The Center is named for one of our former parents, teachers and current long-time Board Member, Rita O’Brien-Dee. Rita has been a vocal and determined advocate for supporting teachers and young children in their care throughout her 55 plus years of continuous involvement with Community Teamwork. Rita also serves as an advisor to our work to provide a comprehensive array of behavioral health services.