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First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

Community Teamwork is happy to partner with The Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership (MVHP) to provide Homebuyer training.

For more information and to register for trainings, Please visit https://www.mvhp.org/.

The MVHP was founded in 1986 by The Ethnic Covenant. During its early years, MVHP worked as a developer of housing for low and moderate income earners. Three condominium complexes were built in Lowell and Lawrence. In 1991, MVHP shifted its focus and became a pioneer in the emerging field of homeownership education. A comprehensive series of homebuyer training seminars was created and named Project Genesis. Each seminar series consists of 9 hours of instruction and is conducted over three evening sessions.

Over 20,000 families have completed the Project Genesis home buyer training program so far. Classes begin every month and are offered in English, Spanish and Khmer.

In addition to the classes, we offer individual financial and credit counseling. These sessions are enormously helpful in determining one’s readiness to buy. These sessions are also helpful in addressing credit issues as well as learning about various mortgage options.
For additional Financial Education Training opportunities, please visit https://www.commteam.org/program/financial-education/.

Eligibility Information

The certificate is good for the entire state of Massachusetts.


individuals complete the Steps to Homeownership course every year


In 2021 about 53 individuals will purchase a home

Course Topics:

  • The Home Buying Process
  • Down Payment Assistance
  • Choosing the Right Mortgage
  • Legal Issues of Purchasing
  • Home Inspections
  • Choosing a Realtor
  • Credit Reports and Budgeting
  • Single, Multi, Condo

More Info:

    • Down payment assistance in many cities throughout Massachusetts
    • “M.H.F.A.” and MHP Low-interest mortgage rate mortgage loan products
    • NOT ELIGIBLE for HUD mortgage approval – Our Framework online course is HUD approved


  • You will be provided a link prior to the webinar.
  • Times 6pm-8:30pm – Must attend all four

Course Dates:

Course Times:

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Finding it hard to fit in a First Time Home Buyer Course because of your schedule?

Framework online home buyer course can be done at your convenience!

Buying a home is a big deal, whether you’re doing it for the first time or getting back into the ever-changing market. When you educate yourself for smart homeownership with Framework, you’ll navigate every step of the process with confidence.

Realtors and Mortgage Bankers see these advantages of the Framework course:

  • Client knows the facts and steps before you start your home search, clarify process confusion.
  • Certified by CHAPA as a First Time Homebuyers course.
  • Taken at client’s convenience, 2 days or 6 months, 24/7, as long as taken on same computer.
  • Client follow up conversation on phone or zoom can be scheduled Mon-Sat, 11am until 8pm.
  • Course certification good for 2 years and can be extended with renewal.
  • Client has access to course instructor before or after course is taken.
  • Realtors will be happy to work with a certified serious client.

The Framework online homebuyer course is an alternative to CTI scheduled courses.

The course cost is an affordable: $75. After which, you are required to attend a one-on-one advisory session / exit briefing: $25. You will then receive your certificate of completion (required for many lender and other homebuyer incentives).

As an alternative to scheduled CTI courses referred to below, Community Teamwork offers Frameworks which provides the same homebuyer information as the scheduled classes, but you can do it individually, at your own pace.

Here’s the link for the online course:  https://cti.frameworkhomeownership.org/   $75. Upon completion you are also required to complete an advisory session/exit briefing $25 – for that click here

What topics are covered in the First Time Homebuyer Course?

The Steps to Homeownership first time homebuyer seminar is an 8-10 hour seminar that covers a road map that describes the steps to take in purchasing your first home.  These includes topics such as budgeting, mortgage options, credit, working with a realtor, legal issues involved in purchasing a home and the importance of a home inspection.

What is the cost of attending the seminar?

The cost of seminar is $75 per household.

Do I receive a certificate?

This is a certificate course.  The certificate enables you to apply for special first time home buyer mortgages, down payment assistance and housing lotteries

What is the purpose of the seminar?

The purpose of the seminar is education.  You need to attend a first time home buyer seminar to understand your options when you purchase a home.

Is there an expiration date on the certificate?

The certificate is good for 2 years.  You will need to renew the certificate if you do not close on a home within 2 years. The certificate can be renewed by attending the class for just $25

Why should I attend a pre-purchase seminar?

Buying a home is an experience unlike anything you’ve ever done.  Also, it is likely to be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make.  Therefore, it just makes sense you that you need to be educated about the home buying process.

Who are the presenters at these seminars?

We use professionals in their various areas of expertise.  These include lawyers, realtors, mortgage loan officers, home inspectors and budget counselors that have years of experience to share with you.

Is the certificate good only in certain communities?

The certificate is good for any community within Massachusetts.

Do you offer Landlord counseling in the event that I purchase a multi-family home?

Landlord counseling is offered at both our Wakefield and Lowell locations.

Landlord Counseling

Cost $75. Once payment is made, a mutually agreeable date and time will be determined and counseling will occur in either Lowell or Wakefield!

The following topics are covered:  $75 plus a $6.20 handling fee of

  1. Buying a rental property
  2. Lead Paint
  3. Finding a Tenant, types of tenancies, tenant remedies
  4. Security Deposits & Last month’s rent
  5. Fair housing
  6. Eviction & Small Claims

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