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Big Brother Sees Little Brother Off to College

Fifth grade became a life-changing time for Nate – that’s when he and Tim Holden formed a supportive and caring relationship through our Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Previously, Nate had lacked a male role model in his life and had few resources to experience extra curricular activities. Their partnership and friendships changed all that as they spent quality time together worked through the many struggles Nate faced. Tim helped Nate with school work and science projects, took him to his first baseball game and first amusement park, and many other fun activities. Tim also taught Nate the value of hard work, finding him jobs where he could earn money. Together, they gave back to their community through volunteering. Tim showed Nate that with perseverance and hard work, Nate’s future was limitless. In the fall of 2011, Tim saw Nate off to Fitchburg State, where he is thriving. They still schedule time for each other and have truly become “brothers.”  Says Nate, “Big Brothers Big Sisters has found me a great mentor that I can look up to and count on as being my best friend that I will have in my life forever. My Best Friend, My Mentor, My Big Brother.”