rosas story

Rosa’s Story

Rosa completed the FSS program twice, in a hardworking effort to obtain her ultimate goal: homeownership. After focusing on her education, and earning her degree, she was promoted 3 times. She simultaneously worked on her finances, completing CTI’s Financial Literacy Academy, increasing her credit score, taking a first time homeowner’s course, and saving for a down payment. She successfully completed the program, earned some escrow, as well as the $5000 homeownership bonus, and purchased her first home.

“Thanks to the support I got from FSS I was able to accomplish my goals.  At the beginning of the program I thought to myself, I will never be able to get my GED, I’ve tried this before, and have failed many times.  But with the help of my FSS worker, and motivation, I got it!! She was always putting things in the mail to help me, and constantly reaching out and reminding me that I could reach my goals.   After I got my GED I accomplished my next goal, a full time job. So for me, the sky’s the limit, and I know if I can do it, so can anyone. They just need someone by their side to help give them the motivation they need to believe in themselves. Now, I can finally say I am an official HOME OWNER!!! Thank you CTI.  – Rosa