Matilyn’s Story

We are so proud to report that one of our participants, Matilyn earned her GED
this month! Matilyn is a re-enrollee in FSS. She first participated in FSS between
2016 -2021. Knowing she needs her GED in order to pursue better employment
opportunities, she made it a goal to complete it before her FSS contract ended.
Unfortunately, she suffered a series of personal setbacks and although she
attended classes off and on throughout that time, she was unable to complete
the GED. Undeterred, she immediately reenrolled in FSS upon her 2021
graduation and again set upon completing the goal. In early July, Matilyn
successfully completed her last test and earned her GED! We are so happy for
her and can’t wait to see where she goes from here. Matilyn is now working with
our Mass Hire Career Navigator to select a job training program in the medical
field. Matilyn was also awarded a $500 scholarship for college from The Abisi
Education Center and is considering enrollment at Middlesex Community

Marleny fss
Marleny fss

Marleny’s Story

Marleny is a participant in our Family Self-Sufficiency Program. She has been working tirelessly
over the last few years to move herself forward in life, and closer to her dream to buy a home. To
that end, she reduced her work hours in order to go back to school.

We are happy to say that Marleny just completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a
concentration in mental health.

Congratulations to Marleny!

And right on the heels of graduation, she landed a job as a SNAPS worker at DTA.

We can’t wait to see where her journey brings her next.

Jeleiny House
Jeleiny House

Jeleiny’s Story

Jeleiny graduated from Community Teamwork’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program in October 2022 and bought a house! When she began FSS, she and her husband, Juan were both unemployed. She completed financial literacy classes, did one-on-one financial counseling, improved her credit score, and took first-time homebuyer workshops. This year, Jeleiny secured employment as a college Enrollment Counselor making $48,000, and her husband secured employment as a truck driver making $58,000. Having completed her goals a full year early, she graduated FSS with $18,376 in escrow. Jeleiny and Juan forfeited their housing voucher and purchased their first home on October 5th in Gloucester, MA. They are a true success story!

aldonsas story
aldonsas story

Aldonsa’s Story

CTI’s FSS program has many successful graduates come back and re-enroll to pursue goals in asset development. Aldonsa is just one of many graduates who returned for this purpose. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, taking our 1st Time Homeowner’s course, completing our Financial Literacy Academy, improving her credit score, and securing employment, she re-enrolled and set her sights on homeownership. A few years later she made that dream a reality and purchased her first home.

Aldonsa has worked very hard to get where she is now, and attributes some of her success to the assistance provided by FSS. “I owe FSS a lot for some of my progress. The help they’ve provided me has helped me provide for my son, thereby benefiting him as well. FSS has helped me with so much, including obtaining a scholarship from One Family Scholars, course selections, budgeting, resume writing, editing cover letters, job negotiations, and mental health by putting me at ease when I felt hopeless. We are SO lucky to have them on our side…I really appreciate all they’ve done for us.”

rosas story
rosas story

Rosa’s Story

Rosa completed the FSS program twice, in a hardworking effort to obtain her ultimate goal: homeownership. After focusing on her education, and earning her degree, she was promoted 3 times. She simultaneously worked on her finances, completing CTI’s Financial Literacy Academy, increasing her credit score, taking a first time homeowner’s course, and saving for a down payment. She successfully completed the program, earned some escrow, as well as the $5000 homeownership bonus, and purchased her first home.

“Thanks to the support I got from FSS I was able to accomplish my goals.  At the beginning of the program I thought to myself, I will never be able to get my GED, I’ve tried this before, and have failed many times.  But with the help of my FSS worker, and motivation, I got it!! She was always putting things in the mail to help me, and constantly reaching out and reminding me that I could reach my goals.   After I got my GED I accomplished my next goal, a full time job. So for me, the sky’s the limit, and I know if I can do it, so can anyone. They just need someone by their side to help give them the motivation they need to believe in themselves. Now, I can finally say I am an official HOME OWNER!!! Thank you CTI.  – Rosa 

aldonsas story
aldonsas story

Maxine’s Story

While in the FSS program, Maxine completed a first time home buyer course, purchased a car, contributed to a 401K, and earned a Medical Assistant Certificate. Through a lot of hard work, Maxine made her goal a reality and purchased a home.  We always knew buying a home would be part of her journey. Sometimes life just sends us on a longer path than we anticipated. The trick is to stick with it until you see the end of the path again.

“FSS has been there for me through everything and never lost hope, and always believed in me. They have guided me and mentored me when I was at my weakest and wanted to give up on my goals. They have been more than just a CTI team; I felt like I had a family walking me through all of my obstacles to make this dream come through. “ – Maxine.

person running outside
person running outside

Family Self Sufficiency (FSS)

ana m success story
ana m success story

Ana’s Story

Family Self Sufficiency Success Story

The Family Self- Sufficiency Program (FSS) is designed to help families receiving rental assistance to become self-supporting. This is a voluntary program and is open to all families receiving a housing subsidy such as Section 8. Community Teamwork’s Family Self-Sufficiency program has empowered many graduates to achieve their goals and Tonya is one such successful graduate.

Ana M graduated FSS in July 2018, and just purchased her first home in November 2019!

Ana works for Elder Services and completed her Bachelor’s Degree this year as well.

She bought a 2 family home in Methuen and will be renting the 2nd apartment soon.

Congratulations Ana!