kate murray

Secure Jobs Success Stories Chosen for National Fireman Report (March 2017) #2

Jen Cody a year one participant returned to College in September. With the support of her employer, NFI –North American Family Institute, Jen was named to Middlesex Community College’s Merit List for her superlative work in the classroom. Additionally, Jennifer’s public advocacy role has continued, as she was selected to be a panelist for the MASSBAR association’s inaugural conference on the Juvenile and Child Welfare system.

In March, Kate Murray a year two, secure job member retention member who became employed at Comcast in September of 2015, received a promotion and is now earning a salary of 44,000; this is not including her quarterly raises. Due to Kate’s performance and leadership qualities, she was named to both Comcast’s Leadership management team and as a Peer Mentor for new hires. Because of Kate’s potential and exceptional work, Comcast is paying the full tuition for Kate to begin Southern New Hampshire University’s Bachelor’s program in Business Management!