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Globe GRANT envelope
Globe GRANT envelope

Invest in Community Teamwork at No Cost Via the Boston Globe Grant Program

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Invest in Community Teamwork at No Cost to You!…Are you a Globe digital or print subscriber or know others who are? You and they may be able to help us! But we need you to respond on or before March 1.

The Boston Globe launched the Globe Readers and Non-profits Together (GRANT) program early this month by mailing vouchers to all its current print and digital subscribers. This voucher allows a subscriber to designate a certified 501(c) (3) non-profit such as Community Teamwork to receive free advertising throughout the year – a big plus in helping us spread the word about our important work in the community.

If you are a subscriber and want to show your support, all you need to do is:

On the voucher, where it asks for “Name of Certified 501(c) (3),” write in our full name: “Community Teamwork, Inc.”
Where it asks for “501(c) (3) location” write in: “Lowell, MA”.
Send it back to the Boston Globe by March 1, 2014 in the envelope provided.

If you’re a subscriber, but did not receive a voucher, contact the Globe at 617.929.3198 to designate a non-profit or email grant@globe.com.

This is an incredible opportunity for non-profits to publicize the valuable work we are doing in the community, so please consider the Community Teamwork as your non-profit of choice! For more information, visit www.BostonGlobe.com/GRANT.

Thank you for your support! Please share with anyone you think would like to support us, too!