Tonya’s Story

Family Self-Sufficiency Success Story

The Family Self- Sufficiency Program (FSS) is designed to help families receiving rental assistance to become self-supporting. This is a voluntary program and is open to all families receiving a housing subsidy such as Section 8. Community Teamwork’s Family Self-Sufficiency program has empowered many graduates to achieve their goals and Tonya is one such successful graduate.

Tonya graduated FSS on December 31, 2018 with $3109 in escrow. Over the years she took an additional $5482 in interim disbursements to pay for her college tuition, thereby totaling $8591 in FSS escrow disbursements. Tonya earned her associate’s degree in Nursing from Laboure College on December 17, 2018, and was hired as a full time Registered Nurse on December 2, 2018. Upon graduating FSS, Tonya immediately set herself on the path to asset development by choosing her new goals: Starting a savings account for a down payment on a home, starting a 401K at her new job, taking a first time home owner’s class, and improving her credit.

Tonya credits here success with the help and guidance she received from the Family Self-Sufficiency Program.