Apartment Search/SMART Tenant Workshops

Housing Consumer Education Center – Financial Assistance / Apartment Search / SMART Tenant Workshops

Are you homeless and need financial assistance to be rehoused? Do you need some help finding an apartment? This workshop will provide a brief overview of services offered by Community Teamwork, discuss eligibility for financial assistance, review housing search, tenancy preservation, eviction prevention, Fair Housing, Tenant Right’s and termination of tenancies.

iStock Medium**Pre-registration is NOT required**

ONE HOURWORKSHOPS:  Monday through Friday 12pm-1pm and Wednesday’s 5pm-6pm

WORKSHOPS LOCATED AT:  Community Teamwork, 17 Kirk Street, Lowell MA






























The purpose of this workshop is to provide housing education on tenancy, from housing search, maintaining tenancies, Fair Housing, reporting code violations, eviction prevention and exiting a tenancy appropriately. Pre-registration is not required for this workshop. If you have questions about this workshop, call 978-459-0551.