Business Coaching / Consulting

We provide business coaching, consulting, and funding to honor the work of our local entrepreneurs, ensuring that our community-based businesses thrive! We provide business coaching in many forms, including one-on-one, workshops and daily zoom calls. We also work with partners including SCORE, EforAll and other small business consultants. We’re a microlender, providing much-needed mission-based funding to small businesses at all stages. Our programs evolve over time, so please come back often to learn more about our coaching programs.

Virtual Business Coaching

We provide virtual business coaching as part of our comprehensive business support. We can discuss everything from pre-launch ideation, business plan development, business funding, site evaluation, business exit and everything in between. After completing your Intake Form you will receive details for how to sign up for your initial Assessment coaching call. From there you will be assigned a Lead Coach and would work with your Lead Coach to determine next steps which might include a referral, a loan, grant application support, or additional coaching.

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Lowell Makes Entrepreneurship, a Digital Media & Printing Studio and Marketing Coaching program, in partnership with the Entrepreneurship Center @CTI and Lowell Makes Entrepreneurship is open.

Entrepreneurship Center @CTI clients can access this studio *free of charge as part of their membership with the Entrepreneurship Center @CTI. The studio includes digital equipment to produce marketing content, audio and video podcasts, as well as several high quality printers. If this membership is the right fit for you and your business, you will review a link to apply after your initial Assessment call.

Digital Media Studio includes:

Lowell Makes Flyer

  • Video production kits for offsite video production that can be checked out – these kits include everything you need to produce high quality content, including a DSLR camera, 3-point lighting setups, microphones and a camera gimble. *a security deposit may be required before checking out these tools.
  • Photographer setup for product photography, including cameras, lighting and various backdrops
  • Small studio space to produce video podcasts
  • Fully equipped audio recording technology to produce podcasts and voiceovers for content creators

Printing Studio includes:

  • Large format printer for large printing projects, including banners and signs
  • UV printer to create branded products, including the capability to print in braille
  • High quality Laser and Inkjet printers to print branded materials
  • Label printers to print branded product labels

*businesses will need to provide/ or cover the cost of the raw printing materials

Media Production Studio Time Calendar

Coaching Referrals

Fee-Based Coaching/Consulting

Many of our clients request a full scope of services, which we, unfortunately, cannot provide as part of our regular service. With that said, we are happy to introduce you to a paid consultant or discuss what it would cost for us to provide these services for a fee.

  • Business Plan Development: this includes writing the business plan, although we are happy to review a written business plan and provide feedback.
  • Bookkeeping Services: this includes data entry, although we are happy to review financial statements to support your education.
  • Marketing Management: this includes developing marketing campaigns, taking photographs and video, etc., although we are happy to provide an assessment of your existing campaigns
  • Website Development: this includes the conceptualization and development of your website, although we are happy to review and provide feedback.
  • E-commerce Development: this includes building your e-commerce site and populating it with content, although we are happy to review and provide feedback.
  • Operations Review or Development: this includes evaluating and assisting in the creation of effective and efficient operations and systems, although we are happy to provide an assessment and guidance.