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Going the Extra Distance Brings Basketball, Sportsmanship to Young Children

Fred Braun and Yari Cruz Awards scaledSchool Age Program’s Fred Braun Delivers Basketball to All Ages

Our School Age Site Coordinator, Fred Braun, made many children very happy this basketball season by going above and beyond to put in motion a basketball league for not only the older middle school-aged children, but the kindergartener’s as well at the McAullife School in Lowell, MA. Fred (shown center) was thanked and honored by our management team and his colleagues. The ceremony paid tribute to all of the successful work of School Age coordinators this past year with a special highlight on Fred’s contributions to creating opportunities for children of all ages. “Thanks to Fred, the McAullife children from kindergarten to age 13 were able to participate in a league of their own, ending the season with exciting tournaments enjoyed by the young players, and their teachers and family,” says Tanya Mead, School Age Director (3rd from left front). “In creating a league for all ages, Fred personally coached and actively participated in drills with the kindergarteners and first grade children,” adds Kim Balch, Assistant School Age Director (2nd from left front). And in his own words, Fred notes that, “The most important skill the children learned was sportsmanship.”

Shown celebrating a great year for the children and paying tribute to Fred Braun’s hard work and special contributions are, left to right and front to back, the following CTI employees: Ann Sirois, Kim Balch, Tanya Mead, Chris Bane, Yari Cruz, Colleen Hannigan, Jean Normandy, Bill Ma, Linda Aichiobocci, Chief Program Officer Michael Collins, Savee Bun, Mike Baccigalupo, Fred Braun and Executive Director Karen Frederick.