aldonsas story

Aldonsa’s Story

CTI’s FSS program has many successful graduates come back and re-enroll to pursue goals in asset development. Aldonsa is just one of many graduates who returned for this purpose. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, taking our 1st Time Homeowner’s course, completing our Financial Literacy Academy, improving her credit score, and securing employment, she re-enrolled and set her sights on homeownership. A few years later she made that dream a reality and purchased her first home.

Aldonsa has worked very hard to get where she is now, and attributes some of her success to the assistance provided by FSS. “I owe FSS a lot for some of my progress. The help they’ve provided me has helped me provide for my son, thereby benefiting him as well. FSS has helped me with so much, including obtaining a scholarship from One Family Scholars, course selections, budgeting, resume writing, editing cover letters, job negotiations, and mental health by putting me at ease when I felt hopeless. We are SO lucky to have them on our side…I really appreciate all they’ve done for us.”