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Thank you, MGCC & Lowell Makes.

“We know how important this support is, but we also know that our resources are limited.”

MGCC President and CEO Larry Andrews

In partnership with Mass Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) and Lowell Makes, the Entrepreneurship Center @CTI was awarded funds to build a Digital Education / Content Studio, called Lowell Makes Entrepreneurship. The studio will include a podcast audio station, product photography setup, video production tools and technology, and a printing station to produce branding assets. Lowell Makes Entrepreneurship should up and running by mid-March. Video production carts will be available for “check out” to allow entrepreneurs to produce high-quality video in their business.There is a vast and growing digital divide, in which local entrepreneurs lag behind in terms of education and access to digital tools and equipment.

Even the most basic tools for marketing, like lighting, microphones, and video editing software are beyond reach educationally and financially for many micro-enterprises and small businesses.
The goal of the Digital Education/Content Studio is to bridge this gap by providing free access to qualified entrepreneurs, including a dedicated space to record and edit video, create podcasts, work on branding assets, and take product photography, or print out branded labels, etc.In conjunction with the other tools and education provided by Lowell Makes, (for a membership fee), the collective creative energy and access to state of the art technology will go a long way in bridging the skills and access gap as well as improve the overall quality of content development in the Greater Lowell region.

We are extremely grateful to MGCC for this funding and are honored to be working with Lowell Makes. Both have had an unprecedentedly busy year, as Lowell Makes moved into their new home at

Western Ave. and MGCC became facilitators to Massachusetts emergency small business grant funding. Despite these changes and increased obligations, both have still managed to focus on being of service to their constituents and members.

We are honored to be among Lowell Makes and MGCC partners. We are proud to share MGCC’s goal of improving economic outcomes for local entrepreneurs regardless of their personal backstory or where they are on their entrepreneurial journey.

With Gratitude,

Franky, KellyAnne & Ani

Thank you MGCC, You Are A HERO!