Our vision for the Rita O’Brien-Dee Center for Behavioral Health and Development is to create a space which offers equitable access to behavioral health and development support that meets the needs of all children and families.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in equitable access for people who are vulnerable, advocating for legislation and funding that advances their rights and opportunities and that makes systemic changes.
  • We believe in the value of cultural diversity by striving to eliminate discrimination, acknowledging privilege and power imbalance, unlearning oppressive systems, and empowering our families to have pride in who they are.
  • We believe that individual and societal biases harm vulnerable people, and we are committed to addressing and mitigating these biases in our practice, our relationships, with each other and with ourselves.
  • We believe that creating trusting relationships is the foundation of our work, aspiring to foster inclusion and belonging by being nonjudgmental, curious and compassionate.
  • We believe and respect in the experiences of the individuals we encounter, utilizing their expertise to develop collaborative goals.
  • We believe providers contribute their own knowledge and skills, using this information to guide and develop our work together.
  • We believe each family is unique, empowering their authority to make their own decisions.
  • We believe children have the human right to develop to their full capacity in ways that honor and represent their identities and experiences.