Small Business Funding

Affordable, flexible capital is essential to launch, operate, grow, and scale your business. Funding that is accompanied by business coaching is an added bonus. We offer both with our mission-based SBA Microloan and ACRE Catalyst Fund. We fund all stages of business, including startup. We are able to fund individuals with poor or limited credit, depending on the credibility of the business plan, financial projections, and the entrepreneur’s ability to operate the business and pay back the loan

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Denise Bon & Xaiver Eang Lee, Simply Khmer, Lowell MA

SBA Microloan

The SBA Microloan provides mission funds for local small business owners. The Entrepreneurship Center service area includes Middlesex & Essex County. The SBA Microloan is part of the Cares Act Debt Relief program.

  • Loan Terms: Up to 6 Years
  • Loan Amount: Up to $50,000
  • Interest Rate: 7.75% Initially, Reduced to 5.25% after completing 20 hours of business coaching.

Please obtain and prepare the following for submission to our Website: 

  • Copy of Photo Id 
  • Personal and/or Business Tax Return 
  • Copy of Lease or Proposed Lease 
  • Business Plan 
  • Projections (If you don’t have one, you can download a template here:  
  • Year To Date Profit/Loss Statement
  • Most Recent Balance Sheet
  • Copy of Personal Bank Account Statement 
  • Copy of Business Bank Account Statement
  • Invoices or Quotes for Equipment to be purchased 
  • For Corporations, Partnerships or LLCs (if applicable): 
    • Partnership/Corporation Agreement 
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreement 
    • Certificate of Good Standing 
    • Articles of Incorporation 
    • Proof of Annual Filing 

ACRE Catalyst Fund

The ACRE Catalyst Fund is a loan fund, in partnership with the Entrepreneurship Center JDCU. These funds are earmarked to support ACRE neighborhood businesses and residents.

  • Loan Terms: Up to 5 Years
  • Loan Amount: Up to $20,000
  • Interest Rate: Prime +1%

Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) Grants

The Entrepreneurship Center is a key partner with the MGCC and the State of Massachusetts, offering support on grant applications and follow up. The Entrepreneurship Center is also a certified MGCC SBTA (Small Business Technical Assistant).