Puzzle Piece - Child

Consultants will also provide some services directly to the child through screenings and implementing various academic and social emotional supports. Through this work, ROD Staff will help provide an equitable and accessible environment for the child.

Developmental Screenings and Assessments

Early Intervention and Assessment is the first step in children receiving appropriate support and services.

Consultation will:

  • Conduct various screenings and assessments as needed.
  • Support staff in analyzing and interpreting the results of screenings and assessments.

Targeted Social Emotional Supports

Social Emotional skills are essential for individuals to build healthy relationships and to manage their emotions. The major components of social emotional learning according to the Massachusetts Department of Education are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Consultants will:

  • Teach and identify coping and mindfulness practices.
  • Model how to nurture kindness, build on your social-emotional vocabulary and ways to incorporate social-emotional practices in an environment.
  • Support in the creation of individualized targeted social emotional plans.

Learning environment Accommodations

Children with behavioral health or development concerns need certain environmental accommodations or tools that support the accessibility of their environment.

Consultants will:

  • Aid in the understanding of individual evaluations to identify what accommodations are best suited.
  • Support the development and model the use of these accommodations.

Restorative Communities

Within our various childcare settings, there is an opportunity for consultants to provide reflective and social skills groups. These groups provide an opportunity for children with similar experiences to come together to learn and grow.

Consultants will:

  • Conduct social skills groups for children to address a variety of age-appropriate topics.
  • Co-lead reflective and restorative groups with children and providers following an incident of potential distress such as a physical incident or loss.