Puzzle Piece - Family

Consultants will advocate for and provide direct support to individual families and their assigned family development staff and will also support the learning of clinical skills in the division’s family development teams.

Family Services Staff Consultation

Community Teamwork’s Early Learning, School Age and Family Childcare programs all have Family Services staff embedded in their program. These staff work directly with families and are the main contact point between families and their respective programs.

Consultation will:

  • Lead learning communities in each program.
  • Collaborate and make suggestions on how to communicate with clients and approach situations.
  • Connect staff with community resources.
  • Provide a safe space for reflection.
  • Recommend tools and resources for wellness and well-being.

Outside Service Referrals & Collaboration

For many individuals struggling with their mental health, applying for services can be a challenging process. Consultants being involved in this process can help remove a barrier to accessing and maintaining outside services.

Consultants will:

  • Complete referrals for outside therapeutic services such as therapy, ABA, psychiatry, developmental evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations, etc.
  • Connect with outside services that individuals are already receiving to collaborate on current treatments and support consistent implementation in program.

Crisis Consultation

We adopt the definition of a crisis from the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (ECLKC):
“A family [child, classroom, provider, program] is thrust into a crisis when two or more elements, contributing to a state of crisis, interact. These elements include: 1) experiencing a stress-producing situation; 2) having difficulty coping; 3) showing chronic difficulty meeting basic responsibilities; and 4) having no apparent sources of support.”

Consultants will:

  • Connect with other service providers to assess what has been done and where Consultants can support.
  • Provide immediate and short-term support using coping and problem-solving skills with connection to more sustainable solutions.

Direct Support for special services

Direct Support for special services Consultants will create, provide, and coordinate services and activities with families and communities that foster strength, healthy living, and overall well-being.

Consultants will:

  • Attend meetings with outside providers as an advocate for the family. For example, in Evaluation Meetings, IEP Meetings, Court for situations of Domestic Violence, etc.