By the Numbers

People come to Community Teamwork every day seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Community Teamwork’s programs and staff provide the supports they need to achieve their goals. Here are a few of the ways we help people reach or maintain their potential:

Education and Job Training.

MCC-2013-Rock-Street-Raise-GableCommunity Teamwork, Inc. helped those out of work or underemployed secure jobs with sustainable wages through education and job training.

• 153 unemployed individuals obtained employment and four obtained an increase in income

• 175 individuals obtained skills/competencies required for employment.

• 28 individuals completed earned their GED


Child and Family Services

School AgeCommunity Teamwork, Inc. cared for hundreds of children so their parents could work through the provision of quality Child and Family Services.

• 570 infants and toddlers got a Head Start

• 307 school-aged children were cared for in six city schools

• 300 children received care in Family Child Care homes.

• 1,285 children participated in pre-school activities to develop school readiness skills

Fuel Assistance and Energy Conservation.

WeatherizationCommunity Teamwork, Inc. helped thousands of residents stay warm and safe during the cold winter months through Fuel Assistance and Energy Conservation.

• 11,085 households, including 3,243 senior citizens, received Fuel Assistance that kept them safe and warm

• 304 homes were weatherized

• 763 homes received energy related repairs and replacements


Housing and Homelessness Services.

Community Teamwork, Inc. helped hundreds of residents avoid homelessness or obtain housing through Affordable Housing and Homelessness Services.

• 407 households retained their housing through the provision of short-term assistanceMVHS

• 2,296 households retained their housing through the provision of rental subsidies

• 119 households avoided foreclosure

• 259 completed First Time Homebuyer Classes and 89 purchased homes.

• 15 affordable housing units were developed with 84 more in the pipeline.

  Finances and Business

Signing loan Agreement 1Community Teamwork, Inc. taught hundreds of residents how to manage their money better through Financial Education and Asset Development.

• 332 individuals received financial education.

• 662 families had free tax preparation with federal, state and EITC refunds totaling $1,142,356.

• 39 individuals opened Individual Development Accounts.  Nine purchased homes, four went to college.

 Senior Volunteer Programs

partnershipsCommunity Teamwork, Inc. benefited from the volunteer services of hundreds of senior citizens through Senior Volunteer Programs.

• 192,637 volunteer hours were donated by Senior Volunteers.

• 169 homebound Seniors were able to maintain their independence as a result of Senior Volunteer support.