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Supporting Neighborhood Opportunity in Massachusetts SNO Mass

The Supporting Neighborhood Opportunity in Massachusetts (SNO Mass) Program supports Housing Choice Voucher families with school-aged children making moves to communities with high quality schools, parks and open space and health, safe environments. SNO Mass helps families take full advantage of the “choice” embedded in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

We are excited to tell you about this new program that we are offering for eligible families who have a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) through CTI. The program is called Supporting Neighborhood Opportunity in Massachusetts (SNO Mass). This program helps families with school-aged children to move to communities with high quality schools, parks and open space, and healthy, safe environments. To participate in this program you must have at least one child in your household who is under 18 years of age.

Where you live has a big impact on your family.  It can influence your family’s health, the quality of your child’s education and their future income and quality of life.  SNO Mass can help you with the choices that matter most to you and your family.  The map below shows you all the targeted high-opportunity neighborhoods in your region that you can choose from as part of SNO Mass.

As part of this program you will receive:

  • Access to neighborhood and housing information and housing search tools created to support SNO Mass families
  • Potentially higher voucher value to pay a higher rent for apartments in high-opportunity neighborhoods
  • A dedicated Housing Mobility Specialist at CTI who can help you find an apartment, negotiate with landlords, and connect you to resources such as childcare, schools, and community organizations in your new neighborhood
  • Financial supports to help with security deposits, moving costs, and other fees associated with finding an apartment and to assist you and your family after your move

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The Program In Action: Isabel’s Story

When Isabel was contacted by the SNO Mass program, she was living in a city north of Boston with her three children. Violent crime was common in her neighborhood, and neither she nor her children felt safe being outside, especially at night. Isabel completed the pre-move counseling meetings with her Mobility Specialist and described the type of neighborhood she wanted to move to. With the help of SNO Mass, Isabel was able to move to the town of Swampscott. The program assisted her with the moving costs and security deposit. Isabel says that she and her children have adjusted well to their new community. She is very happy with how much safer and more comfortable they feel in Swampscott, as well as how much quieter it is there.

SNO Mass Program: Sandra’s Story

Sandra is a true example of resilience and determination. She joined the SNO Mass program in January 2023 with the intention of finding a new home for her family. As a mother of four, Sandra was motivated to provide a safe and nurturing environment for her children to grow up in.

Throughout the orientation and assessment process, Sandra was impressed by the opportunity areas presented by the SNO Mass program. She appreciated that the program considered a variety of factors such as education, health, and socioeconomic status when determining the best neighborhoods for families.

However, a sudden and traumatic event in her current neighborhood left Sandra feeling fearful and in need of immediate assistance. With the support of her SNO Mass representative, Sandra quickly found a new home that met her needs and the needs of her family.

Despite initial hesitation from the landlord, Sandra’s SNO Mass representative was able to highlight the many benefits of working with the program, including assistance with security deposits and moving costs, and a landlord incentive of $1200. This information proved to be instrumental in securing the rental agreement, and Sandra was thrilled to have found a new home for her family.

Over the course of the next month, Sandra worked closely with the SNO Mass program and her landlord to overcome any obstacles that arose during the move. The entire team worked tirelessly to ensure that Sandra’s transition to her new home was as smooth as possible.

In the end, Sandra’s dedication and perseverance paid off, and she was overcome with gratitude and emotion. The SNO Mass program was thrilled to have been a part of her journey and is committed to supporting Sandra and her family as they continue to settle into their new neighborhood.

Sandra’s success story is an inspiration to others who may be facing similar challenges, and it highlights the importance of community programs and support in times of need.


“If you want a better opportunity for your children, do the program.”

– SNO Mass Mover


“I feel a lot more peace in my life.  I come home, and I just feel at peace, at ease.”

– SNO Mass Mover


“My children are going to get what they need in this community.”

– SNO Mass Movers


“SNO Mass staff are with you step-by-step. You’re not alone. If I need any help, they’re a phone call away.”

– SNO Mass Movers


“It’s a win-win for tenants and landlords.”


“We highly recommend this program! We have already recommended friends, who are also landlords, to this program.”


“If I had to sum up the SNO Mass program, I would say all in all it’s been easy breezy.”

– SNO Mass Housing Providers


Community Teamwork is one of eight Regional Administering Agencies (RAAs) that manages subsidized housing assistance, or Rental Assistance,­­ throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the direction of The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. Our jurisdiction covers forty-three cities and towns throughout Greater Lowell.

Eligiblity: For current CTI Section 8 voucher holders/ participants

SNO Mass Opportunity Areas – Community Profiles – CTI Region

For a full list of RAAs and the cities/towns that they cover please click here.

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